40 year old virgin dating scene

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Apatow and his co-writer and star Steve Carell set out to make a raunchy R-rated comedy that was far smarter, sweeter, and more emotionally resonant than anyone would be expecting from a movie called The Year-Old Virgin. So, here are the 10 funniest scenes in The Year-Old Virgin. In order to get Andy into the dating game, the guys take him speed dating. He subtly adjusts his own shirt in an awkward attempt to get her to do the same.

When Matt Damon starred as an amnesiac secret agent in The Bourne Identityhe quickly shed his image as an emotional dramatic actor and showed moviegoers he could kick butt. The musical spills out into the field where the wedding took place as all the major cast members from the film in. And to be fair, it is inherently homophobic.

Having listened to it all day every day for months, David finally gets sick of it.

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Steve Carell actually got his chest waxed for the scene, and all the dialogue is improvised. Ben Sherlock is a writer, comedian, and independent filmmaker. He's currently in pre-production on his first feature, and has been for a while because filmmaking is expensive. In the meantime, he's sitting on a mountain of unproduced screenplays.

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You can catch him performing standup at odd pubs around the UK that will give him stage time. By Ben Sherlock Published May 03, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists the 40 year old virgin.

40 year old virgin dating scene

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The Year-Old Virgin