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Larson best known for creating Knight Rider and the original Battlestar Galacticaspanning 12 episodes first aired on ABC until Automan exhibits superhero-like abilities in the real world, but he completely fails in human relationships.

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He can materialize such transportation as a car a Lamborgini Countacha plane or a helicopter by means of a companion polyedrical and free-floating character called "Cursor" which resembles TRON's Bit. At Automan's request, Cursor is able to draw three dimensional wireframe vehicles and materialize them in seconds. When the constructs are no longer needed, Cursor can perform the inverse operation to delete them. As a side effect, the car driven by Automan only turns in 90 degree angles due to it using the same algorithm that Pac-Mac uses, as implemented by Nebicherand defying the physics' laws, it turns around instantaneously.

Human passengers are invariably buffeted around inside due to inertia during such turns. To avoid arousing suspicion, Automan disguises himself as a common human, a G-man named Otto J. Mann a play which sounds almost like "Auto-man" who collaborates with his creator, to whom he shows total loyalty. The target of this t was to avoid apparent plagiarization and to provide respectful credibility to the series. Notably, the main plot is the reversed form of TRON's content: A computer program is brought into the real world as opposed to a human entering a digital one.

Although looking similar, the visual effects are markedly different from those used in TRON. The actor portraying Automan wears a suit with reflective plates and lighting elements, and the takes where photographed projecting a beam over the actor. The final result was enhanced on post-production. Tron Wiki Explore. TRON Universe. Characters Locations Vehicles Weapons. Browse wiki.

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Officer Walter Nebicher and Automan Automan exhibits superhero-like abilities in the real world, but he completely fails in human relationships. Parodies and References Add category. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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