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Mainers sure do love Christmas. So much so that as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over and the leftovers are stored in the fridge, they're already decorating their tree. Some who have the Christmas spirit year-round put there's up even before Thanksgiving.

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No matter when they put up their tree, everyone in Maine has different tastes for their Christmas tree. The choices are nearly endless.

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Real or fake? Colored lights or white lights? Star or angel on top?

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Small tree or ginormous tree? Traditional tree or Darth Vader tree? Growing up we always had an artificial tree. In fact, it was the same tree for over 25 years and had been used so much that the color-coded branches had faded. It was my job at 16 to figure out where they went, and them on masking tape wrapped around the wire.

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It worked great until those started falling off and disappearing. The artificial tree did have its advantages like not dying, not needing water and not dropping needles everywhere.

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For some, real is the only way to go and many will even go so far as to walk out into the woods and cut down their own tree. So in the interest of kicking off the Christmas season, I asked my Maine Facebook friends to share a picture of their Christmas tree all lit up and decorated, and they did not disappoint. Jeff Parsons Published: December 1, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. LOOK: The most famous actress born the same year as you Many of the actresses in this story not only made a name for themselves through their collection of iconic performances, but also through the selfless, philanthropic nature with which many of them approached their stardom.

In an age of flipping the script on societal norms, many of these actresses are using their voices and platforms to be advocates for those who are otherwise unheard.

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Casal encounters Canico maine

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