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The death of Mr Percival scars me to this day. And that, for no other reason should be why the graceful pelican must get your vote. As I go through the data of the and bird of the year polls, I bizarrely see no sighting of the Australian pelican among the top So it is my melancholy duty to inform you that the those polls must therefore be fraudulent. What other explanation is there?!

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Surely Guardian Australia readers — those intelligent and cultured souls — would not overlook such a majestic creature? Yes, I grew up on the Murray river and so the pelican has captivated me since a young age, and sightings of them bring memories of my childhood on the river flooding back — their grace and bearing doubled with a hook on their beak that scared a young Greg from getting too close.

The pedantic few of you will argue that Keats was actually writing about a nightingale, but I say pfft.

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The pelican is the true bird of literature and Keats would have agreed with me had he but lived long enough to read the novel or watch the film version of Storm Boy. And that for no other reason should be why the pelican gets your vote. If the graph does not display. Last week I was swooped by one while riding. I threw it some bread to let it know I was one of the good people. And then it swooped me again the next day. Inthe bin chicken ibis had a Taylor Swift for the Hottest vibe about it that took it all the way to second place.

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The cool kids voted for it then but it dropped it to 10 th in and instead got on board the black-throated finch that became a qasi-vote against the Adani mine. Thus the bird that came 51 st in won in a landslide ingarnering more than a third of all the votes allocated to the top Three other birds were in the top five in both polls and alas look likely to replicate that performance. You may even vote for the superb fairywren. But come on. Let me persuade you with data:. Being part of TeamPelican will bring you joy and lifelong happiness. Vote early and often. This article is more than 2 months old.

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Greg Jericho. A trio of pelicans with their ature grace and bearing take a rest from fishing. Australian bird of the year vote for your favourite birdoftheyear. Our cheeky pet cockatoo morphed into a little dictator. Then the war began Gabrielle Chan. Reuse this content.

Cheap sex Pelican

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My dear readers, why is the majestic pelican not leading Australian bird of the year?