Cheating wives in Fort dupont DC

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This is the second year in a row the city has been graced with the title, beating out second place Austin and third place Houston, Texas.

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This information comes from what one might consider the capital of cheating websites: Ashley Madison. Washington, DC has almost 38, registered users, the highest per capita membership on the site.

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Why DC then? They cheat because the same personality traits that led them to success are prone to take more personal risks or because they have more opportunity than the average person. And DC has a lot of successful people that travel frequently. Businessmen, lobbyists, political figures, salesmen, government officials and many more call Washington, DC home making it home to some of the most successful people around.

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In DC, an average of 30 people up to the site every day. Fun fact, Mondays are usually their busiest day of the week.

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However you spin it, America is cheating and Washington, DC is the capital of both. our newsletter to receive the latest posts directly to your inbox.

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