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ABC Radio National documentaries. The rooms where people were tortured are currently being excavated.

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Image: A break in the wall Behind is a former Nazi ministry building Image: Karl-Marx Alle The main road through East Berlin is flanked by Soviet style architecture built in the 's and now renovated. The bricks came from houses destroyed after the Second World War. Image: The Berlin skyline The TV tower at Alexanderplatz in East Berlin has now become a symbol of the city Image: East Berlin A socialist statue of a heroic worker that was erected by the GDR Image: Friedrichs Hain A hip neighbourhood where many young people live Image: A homeless person Friedrichs Hain, like many parts of Berlin, sees the very poor living alongside the young and fashionable Image: Berlin's famous freedom The image shows a lesbian family and the text re 'Berlin is when a family doesn't have to look like a family'.

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The poster is from a series about Berlin created by a local newspaper. They are from Sweden and Argentina Image: The Bitwig offices Where Bitwig staff develop next generation music creation software for composers, producers and DJ's around the world.

Initially a department store owned by Jews, then the headquarters for the Hitler Youth from After the war it was the Politburo for the early East German state, after it stood empty for years.

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Image: Soho House interior To become a member here it is not about how much you earn but how creative you are. They have a gym, spa, bars and hotel.

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Image: Soho House hotel room The interior de is done in a 's style. Editorial Feature articles Subjects Transcripts.

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