Cost of salvia

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From the humid highlands of southern Mexico, salvia has moved from a shamanic tool to a popular herbal high that throws up many questions and contradictions in our connected age.

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The Mazatec people of Oaxaca in southern Mexico knew of a plant that could put them in touch with the spirits. Before the Spanish arrived carrying disease and religion, it was known as pipiltzintzintli and used by shaman to commune with the gods, as a medicine for those with bowel problems and to ease the elderly into the next world.

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Alongside psilocybin mushrooms and seeds from Convolvulaceae, drinking salvia tea and chewing the leaves ritualistically made up part of the Mazatec spiritual tool belt. The common name changed to reflect the religion forced on the people: Mother Mary came to them and they venerated her with salvia.

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A few other expeditions also observed use of salvia by the Mazatec, but inthe godfather of hallucinogens, Albert Hofman, travelled to Mexico with Robert G Wasson and took cuttings of the plant. He described it, published a paper about it and, of course, sampled some. How about that for a family holiday?

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The predominant strain of salvia is often misattributed to Wasson and Hofman. While they were were among the first westerners to describe the plant, the misnamed Wasson-Hofman strain of salvia was actually collected by a chap called Sterling Bunnell.

For the next 25 years, salvia remained fairly obscure. Daniel Siebert is generally regarded as the godfather of online salvia sales and, bywas selling salvia leaves that had extra salvinorin A sprayed on them to increase the effects. While the distribution method was changing, the method of consumption was changing too.

While it does cause hallucinations, laughter and all sorts of mind-bending experiences, the effects are only felt for 15 minutes and are generally consciousness changing, not party starting. The internet has played a role in not only distribution but in promotion of salvia. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube of people — including actress and pop star Miley Cyrus — smoking up some salvia and documenting their experience from an outside perspective. Unlike other drugs, salvinorin only affects one part of the brain: the kappa opioid receptor.

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Because of this, it seems that users of salvia are incredibly unlikely to become addicted or dependent. Salvia is legal to use and possess in New Zealand, but the Psychoactive Substances Bill currently before Parliament may change this status. Speaking of the USA, most of the YouTube videos and debate about whether salvia should or should not be legal comes from there.

The videos, blog posts and media scaremongering — not evidence and research — have played a strong role in some states banning the herb, especially in the case of Brett Chidester in Delaware. This has led to a weird loophole in the law in Delaware where salvia the plant itself is a schedule I drug but salvinorin A, the active ingredient, is still legal.

One promising avenue of research is the treatment of cocaine addiction. Inresearchers at the University of Iowa gave cocaine-addicted rats salvinorin A, and they lost interest in cocaine. However, because of its legal classification in some US states, it is becoming harder and harder to do research with the herb. Salvia divinorum They do not know very good Latin, these botanists.

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Cost of salvia

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What Is Salvia Divinorum?