Did daddy and lil bit hook up on party down south

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Fortunately, things started to perk up quickly for our vodka-infused friends. As such, he makes a big deal about going to the bar. To break the tension, Walt asks Hott Dogg to dance so he can give her some swing dance pointers. This does not sit well with Daddy, who is clearly totally in love only interested in being friends with Hott Dogg. He grabs some chick and spins her around haphazardly while staring at Hott Dogg the entire time. But apparently, it could be a winning tactic for Daddy — Hott Dogg is totally turned on by his high school-like jealousy level.

On the other hand, Hott Dogg feels pretty confident they are headed towards a relationship since they had slow sex. Their dreams of nuptial redneckedness are cut short and, before you know it, Tiff is pulling up. Yay for more Tiff! Is that weird? Just say no. They head to the beach, where they generally have to do things like put out beach chairs and rake sand.

Walt asks Hott Dogg how she feels and, when she kinda admits she likes Daddy, Tiff tells her Daddy is not looking for a relationship.

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Either there is a marlin shortage out there or Daddy is hooked on Hott Dogg. Still, he does a pretty swell job of sobering up when Hott Dogg starts talking feelings. Lyle and Murray seemed to be faring pretty good at the bar, though, according to Salsano.

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So he sent her home! Despite Lyle letting out a huge fart, Daddy and Hott Dogg continue their intense discussions in the cab on the way home. Obviously, Lyle gained some clarity with the passing of his gas, as he realizes Daddy is feeding Hott Dogg a whole different story than the one he did the guys earlier that day. When he recounts the convo to Mattie and Walt, Mattie gets totally fired up.

She calls Daddy out for playing Hott Dogg for a fool and Daddy loses his temper. This causes Tiff to lose her temper, and then all hell breaks loose. But was Daddy really feeding Hott Dogg lines or had things just spiraled? So things got pretty confusing between them, especially with the other roommates weighing in on the whole thing.

The next day, the housemates figure that heading out to Mud Fest one final time might be just what they need to clear the air. At first glance, everyone is having a blast. And, whattya know, it gets the job done. Hott Dogg started shaking her fiblets in the back of the truck and Daddy barely saw anything else!

As far as we know, though, no babies were made during the filming of this episode.

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Did daddy and lil bit hook up on party down south

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