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There are so many misconceptions in the world — and rainwater is no exception. When people think of rainwater, they often think of wastewater, pollutants and even balding! Do you think these ideas are accurate? Whilst such concerns might stem from a common misunderstanding, we seem to accept them as scientific fact. In this chapter, the truth will be exposed: rainwater is actually extremely clean and safe. Let's look back on the days before pollution was such a big issue.

How about the ss? Neighborhood children were playing in the streets, never too concerned about finding water. There was never any shortage — mountain valleys, wells and pumps were always accessible. Besides, every time it rained, they could simply look up at the sky, open their mouths and catch the rainwater!

But what do children today do when it rains? Rainwater is filled with pollutants … it might make you turn bald! Think of a family picnic in the park. But what if I ask them to drink rainwater?

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Whilst they might think it a strange idea, there is evidence to show that the bottled water they are drinking actually started life as rainwater. The bottled water that we consider to be the purest form of water actually comes from rainwater. In fact, this does not just apply to rainwater; all water, including water from taps, valleys and rivers stems from rainwater. When we look at the circulation of water in the natural world, the position of rainwater is at the top of the cycle. It is possible, therefore, for us to drink untreated rainwater.

This is because rainwater is pure, distilled water evaporated from the sun - nothing else. However, when rainwater falls from the sky, substances from the air and land melt into the rainwater. Fortunately, when rainwater soaks into the ground, it then becomes mineral water. This water groundwater is relatively safe for drinking.

However, rainwater that falls to the ground does not just get absorbed into the soil - it goes everywhere. If it falls on waste, it then becomes wastewater as it is contaminated. It can also flow through the sea and into river systems. As rainwater disperses, more pollutants are added and the water becomes more obsolete. We then pay a high price for purifying it. This is the simple truth. It seems that the answer to this problem is obvious.

The cleanest water is rainwater that has not reached the ground. Rainwater is naturally good - so we need to find a way of catching rainwater before it gets contaminated. However, it is hard for us to imagine washing our faces or having a bath with rainwater, not to mention drinking it. But, we need to save water since water shortages are a serious problem. In addition to relieving water shortages, rainwater can prevent flooding and droughts. It can also reduce river pollution, and prevent groundwater from becoming contaminated. Moreover, we can reduce the heat island effect in cities, making a pleasant urban environment.

According to this data, the Adult literacy rate of South Korea is In other words, the Adult illiteracy rate of our country is only 2. This percentage indicates that South Korea is the country that has the lowest illiteracy rate worldwide. Even though they had inconvenience due to their illiteracy, it would have had little to do with the Korean War, threat to life, or starvation.

However, water is a totally different problem. First of all, all living things cannot live a day without water. So we can endure weeks without food but cannot stand only one week without water. Our daily life also stops without water. If water does not exist, we cannot cook, dispose excrement, do the laundry, and clean up a house. Farmers cannot work on a farm. Wars competing for water break out between Africa tribes suffering from water shortage and causing many people to get injured. Then, how much do we know about water, which is inevitable in our lives?

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I will show several examples. As I mentioned above, we use rainwater purified after falling on the ground and getting dirty. This fact is thought to have originated from distrust of safety of rainwater, but when we examine the other side, there is the logic of interest among groups concerned with water. Another point is about the amount of water use of our country. We often say we waste water as we use water. That is not completely false. The government report demonstrates that Koreans use more water than do people in other countries.

However, is it true? Was data from the report compared correctly with the amount of water use in other countries? It is hard to find people who are economical as much as Korean housewives are. If we divide it by 30 days and the of family, we would get the amount of water a person uses per day.

When we look into it more carefully, this figure is smaller than what the government reports. From this simple figure, we will realize what the problem is. By the way, there is something that Koreans misunderstand. The fact that is universally known and accepted among people that is rain causes bald he. You would have heard that statues get eroded because of acid rain.

The story of acid rain is published in elementary school textbooks. Of course, it is written in a negative way that acid rain is bad. However, these are huge misunderstanding and stereotypes. Rain contains acidity but its level is not harmful to our body. The story of acid rain will be explained in the next chapter.

It is hard to express in numerical values, but Adult ignorance-of-water rate is quite high. However, the problem of lack of knowledge about water is not limited to our country because water management has been processed only by experts in several countries. These days, however, comprehensive water management as an alternative to overcome this matter is raised. This trend is to spread and enlighten the water issue to local residents as well as experts.

This is clearly a paradigm change. I hope this promise is kept in our country. In short, we should understand water properly from environment, development, industry, and education policies, and lead participation of local residents. Now you are a water agent. When it rains, I open a window and drink rainwater from my hands.

Are you wondering how I could do so? As I said earlier, rainwater is the most pure distilled water in the world. However, when I look out of the window, there are people running here and there to avoid the pouring rain. People who are running the best among them do not have much hair. Many people would also agree with these people. Everyone thinks that the rain is a pollutant that we should deal with as soon as possible. If I tell them that I usually make tea with rainwater, they will frown at me. To be honest, it is true that rainwater is acid.

The acidity of clean water is 5. If the region it rains on has the source of the air pollution, the acidity would be stronger so the level of pH will be pH The acidity is stronger as the value of pH gets lower. However, after another 20 minutes of rain, the acidity becomes far weaker than before. Some impatient people will tell me again that it is true that rainwater is acid.

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However, they will change their thoughts after they hear about how less dangerous the acidity of rainwater is compared to other things. The acidity of liquids we encounter everyday is far higher than rainwater. The acidity of Cola, a typical carbonated drink, is 2. Then, you might argue that the acidity difference between these items and rainwater is just pH.

In this point, however, although the numerical difference is small, the acidity difference is in fact huge. No parents worry about the acidity in the juice and yogurt their kids drink every day. Then why are we afraid of rain, whose acidity is far weaker than that of beverage?

The answer is our lack of knowledge. Rainwater Research Center in Seoul National University investigated how much the acidity of rainwater is dangerous. We measured the pH of rainwater from a gutter of the roof. Then, during the short period of time while rainwater passes through the roof, its pH changed into This figure is not related to our health and thus rainwater is safer than juice, yogurt, a shampoo and a conditioner.

An experiment has shown that washing hair with rainwater is good for our hair and there is no problem with the acidity of rainwater. After days, we measured the pH of rainwater again, and it was already neutralized! We can save water costs by cleaning a room and watering the flowers with this gathered water. If you are still concerned about this, boiling the water is another way. It has rained everywhere from the past, but why do especially Koreans have an aversion to acid rain, which was not a problem in the past and in other countries?

When I went to Tokyo to attend the International Rainwater Forum, Japanese housewives were treating guests with tea made up of rainwater. Someone introduced a device that operates a portable water purifier using a hand pump or a pedal so that they can filter out rainwater without electricity in emergency.

In this way, many countries including Japan use rainwater universally in everyday life. Among them, Germany, who is one of the developed countries, uses rainwater in many fields in their daily life. I hope you do not consider acid rain seriously anymore. If there is a problem, we can deal with it wisely.

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So rainwater is not a disaster, but a gift and a blessing from the sky. If there is someone who thinks they became bald because of acid rain, how about raising funds that offer medical expenses and compensation?

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But if they want to be covered by this fund, they should prove an obvious and scientific causal relationship between baldhead and acid rain. Now you do not need to run in the rain. I will give you a wig as a gift that is completely strong enough for acid rain. If the queen from the Snow White story were born these days, she would also have doubts about water. For this woman who has so many worries about safety, which water will be the best?

Expensive bottled water from abroad?

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Or, water from a mountain valley? Or, natural aquifer under the ground advertised in a beer commercial on TV? Among them, if the safest water is proved scientifically, the queen will try to get it at any cost.

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However, what is the possible way of getting water for ordinary people? I will explain how safe and clean rainwater is with a scientific story. This is an indicator indicating the amount of foreign substance dissolved in water.

It is a somewhat difficult term, but this is the amount of remaining sludge in 1 milligram after 1L of filtered water has evaporated. Suppose that we have water, a cup, and sugar here.

Drinks real today was hot and Tain

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