Footloose dating site india

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But with family and friends involved, there are too many dos and don'ts to follow. For example, most of the people I know were either architects or corporates. Had we gone the traditional route, our profiles would never have matched because we come from such different backgrounds, professionally. But thankfully, we found each other …by ourselves. Then, just when I was about to quit for good, I met someone online. Though this time it was different.

Thank you footloose. Kismat: Because it was a total fluke that I ed this group. See my photo. So, i ed FLNM and met my wife soon after, dated for a bit and then got married with the blessings of our respective families. I met my knight in shining amour.

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Not to mention the lo of new friends to treasure and cherish! Today I tell everyone who is single out there. Today, I would like to say "go ahead and take a chance! in because your soul mate may be just an event or a message away. I started Footloose No More with the idea of finding that person who would be my other half. And then one day, i met " the one" i was looking for. Oddly enough, he wasn't actively looking to get married when we met. Clearly, DIY was the way to go. So DIY, up, get active and find the person who will be your other half.

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And I was pleasantly surprised. Where else was i going to meet people with no pressure and discover them over fun events - in person!

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There was no awkwardness and everyone was chilled out. This was the cake. The icing was that I met the perfect girl who matches not only my life, but my family's too!

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Now married and 2 children later, I can happily say, "I'm Footloose no more! Payment Gateway verified by. If this feature interests you, please upgrade.

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Footloose dating site india

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