How to be honest with a man

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But these are white lies — the kind we learn are acceptable just after we master the concept of telling the truth. The first step is straight-forward enough, if idealistic. This second step becomes far more complicated as we get older and develop our own values. How does one combine the two? Over the last few years, relationships — platonic, romantic, even work-related — have made me reconsider how I approach the truth. Or when it feels like telling the truth could mean your job is at stake?

Ilene V. Fishman is staunch in her belief that honesty makes life simpler. During our conversation, every time I counter with the merit of white lies they soften blows, for instanceshe directs me back to the virtues of honesty and doubles-down on the benefits of self-reflection.

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It makes so much sense. We feel love and hate simultaneously.

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We feel gratitude and anger. The better we know ourselves, the better we can communicate how we wish to express ourselves. She explains that once we understand the root of our own emotions, the next step communicating them comes a little easier. In every scenario, Fishman advises you prioritize self-protection and filter your honesty through the lens of integrity.

Am I being kind? Am I saying it for the right reasons? You deserve to tell your side of the story. You deserve to speak up. Remove accusations and the recipient of your honesty is less likely to go on the defense. She suggests trying to clean them up as you go along.

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Identify, respect, validate and feel them. You deserve to voice your truth. Which brings us back to step 1: Knowing yourself. Stand up for what you believe. To be really real, I think, is courageous.

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Her upcoming book, The Good Therapy Advocate: Empowering Your Psychotherapy With and Without A Therapist bears her ature message: that psychotherapy can be an incredibly powerful tool when used effectively. She is a fierce advocate for full recovery from eating disorders and in particular fights for women to find their voice from a place of personal empowerment. By Harling Ross. By Jasmine Clarke. By Edith Young.

By Katie Bishop.

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How to be honest with a man

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How to Be Honest When the Truth Feels Risky