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If you need any other press assistance, please contact pr moxietheatre. Many of our staff are also mothers guiding our kids through distance learning. A common refrain has been heard amongst the young people in our home who are disconnected from their peers AND our Subscribers, many of whom are seniors.

What better time to produce this play about human connection? Winners will witness their poems streamed before performances of the play. After the performances, MOXIE will welcome live guest speakers to discuss the importance of human connection during interactive post-show discussions. The show will be a co-production with The Electric Company Theatre, a new Los Angeles area company with a mission to create future artists through innovative programs for youth.

MOXIE is keeping this experience user-friendly by streaming the production filmed on their stage through Zoom, where many students are already attending school and which audiences of all ages have begun to master during the pandemic. There were no cameras present. Nobody knows what was said behind closed doors during eleven years of weekly meetings between the Prime Minister and the Queen. Buffini imagines what might have been said and indeed takes the theatrical convention one incredibly imaginative step further. The characters are aware of and address their older and younger selves in a conversation with the audience as they battle for the hearts and minds of their country and the audience alike.

Meanwhile two male actors play all the other important figures of the historical period, including Ronald and Nancy Reagan. The dynamic quartet of theatre divas is aided by two incredibly versatile San Diego actors, Max Macke and Durwood Murray who play a dozen other characters. Directed by Kim Strassburger. She subsequently trained as an actor at the Welsh College of Music and Drama. She lives in London with her husband and children. Kim Strassburger Director is thrilled to working with Moxie Theatre for the first time.

Linda Libby Margaret Thatcher is delighted to play with the Moxies! Linda is the proud founder of the Bayfront Charter High School theater program. Fitch in Mr. Fitch with Backyard Renaissance. Debra Wanger Liz Moxie Debut! Reno Oliver! The Birthday Party New Fortune. Edward II Diversionary. Max would like to thank his wife and daughter for their love and support.

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Opening Night: October Thursdays at pm; Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 2pm. Success, ambition, desire: Somewhere in America, an army of pre-teen competitive dancers played by mature adults plots to take over the world. Directed by Jennifer Eve Thorn. Clare Barron Playwright is a playwright and actor from Wenatchee, Washington. Agosto is thankful for each performance opportunity.

She recently co-directed Straight. For more information, please visit: www. Joy first discovered her passion for Acting at the age of 10, when she was given the role of Harriet Tubman in the Black History Program at her church. She believes that every story has a purpose, and as an actress, she is responsible for giving it breath. Joy is currently working on her revolution at the speed of inspiration. As a founding member, Daren has almost exclusively worked at New Village Arts Theatre now in its 20th season.

With NVA he has been an actor, director, assistant director, and since has photographed almost all of the productions. As a photographer he has worked for almost every performance space in town doing press and production photos. His work is regularly published in the UT and many other publications.

Sarah is the cofounder of Yellowbird, an organization dedicated to building personal and community resilience in and through the arts. Opening Night: August Somewhere in America, an army of pre-teen competitive dancers plots to take over the world.

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But who had the upper hand behind closed palace doors? In this unforgettable evening, the audience is invited to tea with two powerhouse icons who stayed in the public eye for nearly a century. A gripping journey that spans from the fur trade of the s to the stock trade of today, Manahatta tells the story of a brilliant young Native American woman working on Wall Street and the true and hidden history of the land underneath her feet. And as a special bonus, MOXIE has programmed an on-going fifth production for its fifteenth anniversary season which will be performed at elementary schools, community partner locations, and at MOXIE.

The G. This engaging and imaginative performance is about gender equality, the power of speaking up and the opportunity to make a difference, however young you might be. Gender Equality Workshop is an interactive experience. San Diego, CA San Diego, CA Parking is free. Yoga — as a spiritual practice — and now multi billion dollar business sat at the intersection of these interests.

So my research consisted of surreptitiously going to yoga classes: In one particular class I found myself sitting opposite a straight white man playing on a harmonium with incredible depth and sincerity. His breadth of knowledge about yoga and deep affinity with Hinduism gave me an opening — a way to think about cultural appropriation in a way that surprised me and made me laugh — a lot. So that became the seed of the piece. She is also, in her real life, a popular yoga teacher. Directed by Callie Prendiville. Blamed was then selected to perform Off-Broadway at the Soho Playhouse.

Run Dates: May 5 — June 2. Opening Night: May Thursday May 16, am — Student and Senior Matinee A special daytime performance open to any students and seniors open to the public. Like the central young character, high school graduates are constantly being told that that singular moment is the time to decide what to do with the rest of their lives; the older characters in the show prove that we keep deciding and making choices at every age.

Some of the best talent in San Diego theatre is over 65 and female. Herland is a showcase for some of my favorite young and mature actresses in San Diego. Being together. And liking it. I love that. Grace McLeod Playwright is a Chicago-based playwright and screenwriter. Grace is a recent graduate of the University of Chicago.

Tanya Saracho is a queer Latina with a remarkable voice, a massive fan following, and her finger on the pulse of audiences across the country. Fade delves into territory Saracho knows well. TuYo, whose debut season is launching inis dedicated to telling stories from diverse Latinx perspectives. I also understood she was in the early stages of launching TuYo Theatre with other artists.

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I wanted her voice as a director on this show, and I felt strongly about supporting the launch of TuYo. So, I proposed a partnership that would be a win for everyone. The play is tightly focused, almost as if being watched through the lens of a camera, on two characters in one space over a series of evenings. Both are Mexican. Both work in the same building. Both are surviving in the same oppressive system, but they are on different rungs of the ladder.

How they deal with the inequality they face has a lot to do with the access they have to power and how they choose to use it. Directed by Maria Patrice Amon. In Lydia R. The result? Voyeurs de Venus stars MOXIE veteran Cashae Monya as Sara, the hotshot young cultural anthropologist and professor who is being courted by a lucrative book deal that would require her to sell out her integrity — and images of Saartjie in various states of undress — in order to make the book sell.

I love getting the opportunity to show her strength and resilience. To show her power. If you look at the sketches of her story most often people only see the victim. She fought back. She spoke up. They called her The Hottentot Venus, but she had a name. Based in part on the unbelievable true story of Saartje Baartman, an indigenous woman from southern Africa woman who was captured and displayed on the streets of 19th-century London and Paris.

Fast forward to the turn of the millennium in Chicago. As bizarre dreams and the ghost of Saartjie come to life, Sara is tempted by more than fame and fortune. A provocative, profound, and unapologetically funny tale race, class, and gender. Directed by Delicia Turner Sonnenberg. Choreographed by Michael Mizrany.

Ladies want casual sex Boulevard California 91905

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