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Given the scope of the district and the vital role of its assets, this is arguably one of the most vital reports of the year. Next August nearly 68, public school students will begin the school year in our school district, which geographically, is nearly the size of Rhode Island and in terms of enrollment, is the third largest district in the state of Colorado. Students and their parents will be choosing from a variety of educational programs housed in over buildings and mobiles.

Many will ride in one of our buses. Once they arrive they will use some of our over 50, digital devices and be overseen by our 1, plus security cameras. These assets will be used by nearly 9, staff members, from teachers to drivers, all of whom hope to elevate our collective future through our children.

This annual report highlights the current and projected state of the physical environment in place today and needed for the future to meet requirements for educating children in our local public schools across Douglas and northwest Elbert counties.

As taxpayers, we have collectively assembled square footage of space equivalent to nearly five Park Meadows Malls. The need to maintain, improve and optimize this investment is important to every resident. The physical space in which education occurs is vital to the education of DCSD students.

Not unlike the home or business of every property owner in Douglas County, this infrastructure represents a large commitment that requires upkeep and investment. For example, few homes have water heaters or air conditioners that last forever. School facilities are different only in scale.

Projecting these needs continues to require a dynamic process as demographic changes, new residential construction, and new charter schools affect those needs on a continuing basis. High Demand for High School Space. The most important factor driving new construction demands is this simple fact: the median student age in our district is increasing the need for additional high school space.

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Past experience indicates charter schools are unlikely to meet that need. Beyond high school space, one new elementary school is projected to be needed in the next five years, and four additional elementary schools appear likely to be needed in fast growing areas of Castle Rock and Castle Pines in the year horizon.

Too Few Students Here. Too Many Students There. How to Balance? During this current school year, LRPC and district staffs have carefully identified several over and under-utilized schools in our district. The committee plans to research these schools further over the next school year and determine if boundaries, programs, or other operational modifications can better balance enrollment at those schools.

In particular, the committee will be paying special attention to areas of the district where demographic have transitioned to older residents with fewer school-age children. The impact of school choice on capacity and facility utilization will also be reviewed.

Lumber: All Going Up. An important note on costs. As this document was updated for the next school year, information was collected from other school districts which clearly indicates construction costs per square foot have increased over the last year. The MCP also shows that land costs for non-school support facilities are likely to continue to increase.

This document, in many respects, represents a moment in time. It is constantly evolving with new data, added information, and changing perspectives. It is used to identify and prioritize school sites for future schools in order to satisfy student enrollment needs. It is also used to prioritize funding for capital reinvestment and new construction. Recognizing that school facilities must adapt to fluid educational requirements and the district exists in a dynamic community, it is imperative that planning for future educational and facility needs of the district is ongoing.

This document is updated on an annual basis in coordination with the Long Range Planning Committee. The committee is comprised of two representatives from each high school feeder area, two at-large members, two charter school representatives, and a representative of the development and home building community. The charge of the Long Range Planning Committee is to continually analyze community population data, evaluate population impacts on district education and support facilities, and collect community feedback.

The committee also recommends appropriate actions to the Board of Education regarding school attendance boundaries, facility usage including facility construction, renovation, or closure and anticipated capital outlay requirements. Every year the committee presents the updated Master Capital Plan to the Board of Education with recommendations for specific projects that may be needed in the next five years.

Executive Summary Douglas County School District facilities encompass nearly 7, square feet of building space situated on nearly 1, acres of land. The Douglas County School District service area spans over square miles and the district currently serves approximately 68, students. The student population has grown by 9. The LRPC expects to continue to evaluate these needs and methods to meet them.

As the median student age in the district increases, the need for additional high school space becomes more important. Projections indicate that absent some ificant change in boundaries the district will need an addition to Castle View High School within five years as well as two new high schools one along the eastern I corridor between Ridgegate and Castle Pines and the other in the Sterling Ranch development within the next ten years.

Past experience indicates that charter schools are unlikely to meet that need. Data collected from neighboring school districts indicates that construction costs per square foot have increased over the last year.

Further land costs for non-school support facilities are likely to continue to increase as well. The Master Capital Plan attempts to reflect these increases in the current cost estimates. LRPC and staff have identified a of over and under-utilized schools in the district. The Committee intends to research these schools over the next year in an attempt to determine if boundary changes or other modifications might affect enrollment at those schools.

While it is common to correlate the Master Capital Plan as the dollars to be requested in a Bond, it is not necessarily the case. Capital requirements listed in the Master Capital Plan are the basis for Bond planning. Bond planning will take the inputs from the Master Capital Plan and prioritize the most urgent of capital renewal requirements across all district facilities and new construction requirements as needed and determine the total funding amount to be requested in a Bond construction program.

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For an annual capital Mill Levy, a similar prioritization process would be needed to identify the most urgent capital renewal requirements which could be funded each year via the Mill Levy ovverride request. These costs are expressed as a potential range throughout this document.

The totals shown in the pie chart above reflect base construction costs only. For a full breakdown of costs see Permit Trends Permits issued for new housing in all of Douglas County increased Nearly 1. Residential Development In3, new housing units were completed in Douglas County, which was a 2.

The incorporated cities and towns in Douglas County contain The of sales of newly built and existing single-family houses, townhouses, and condominiums in decreased 4. The total of foreclosure filings initiated in decreased 3.

The American Community Survey also shows that 3. Annual Employment The of jobs located in Douglas County increased 5.

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The two supersectors with the greatest increases in jobs were information which gained jobs, and government, which gained jobs. Douglas County School District Enrollment Trends Changes in Douglas County School District saw an increase of students in the school year with enrollment increasing from 66, to 67, This represents a. While some neighborhood schools experienced an increase in enrollment this year, the vast majority of this growth can be attributed to DCSD charter schools.

Traditional neighborhood school enrollment declined by 1. Elementary enrollment declined by students while middle school enrollment increased by 74 students and high school enrollment increased by students. North Planning Area Elementary enrollment in the North Planning Area continues to decline, decreasing by students this year.

Middle school enrollment in the North Planning Area also continues to decrease but at a much less dramatic rate. Middle school enrollment in the North Planning Area declined by 78 students this year and by students last year.

High school enrollment in the North Planning Area continues to grow ificantly, increasing by students this year and by students last year. East Planning Area Elementary enrollment gains were the highest in the East Planning Area last year, gaining students in after a 72 student loss in Middle school and high school enrollment in the East Planning Area also continue to grow, with an increase this year of middle students and high school students. West Planning Area Elementary enrollment in the West Planning Area grew slightly this year, increasing by 94 students.

Middle school and high school enrollment in the West Planning Area remains stable with a respective 35 student increase for middle schools and an 18 student decrease for high schools.

Lady wants nsa CO Franktown 80116

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