Making god the center of your life

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Want to make your life better? It may seem like you can do so by simply getting more of what you want — such as an exciting job, a loving spouse and children, strong health, or the money to buy a bigger home or newer car.

If you decide to make your relationship with God first in your life, everything else will naturally fall into place in the right order, creating the fulfilling life you hope to enjoy. Take an honest look at your current priorities. Reflect on your life right now to consider what factors most determine how you choose to live. Where are you investing most of your time, money, and energy?

Which relationships and activities do you devote yourself to every day? Where do you currently place God on your list of priorities? Recognize that stress of chaos versus the blessings of order. The more you try to make your life better by pursuing your own desires, the more your desires will spin out of control, creating stressful and frustrating chaos in your life. Make a sacred commitment to placing God first in your life.

Choose to make an irrevocable decision to make your relationship with God your highest priority, over everyone and everything else in your life. Participate in a local church. Participating in a local church is a necessary part of fully developing your relationship with God. Ask God to lead you to a healthy church in your area, where you can mature in the context of relationships with caring and trustworthy people who are also seeking closer relationships with God.

Look for a place where truth and love meet to create a safe place for you to change and reach your fullest potential.

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Grow to become more like Jesus through community. As you connect with other believers in your church community, God will teach you how to love in deeper ways, which will transform you into a holier person with a character that keeps growing more like that modeled by Jesus. Invest in your relationships with others in your church beyond just the weekend worship services. Get together regularly to build close friendships through small group meetings, service projects, fun outings, or simply to chat. Invite the Spirit to renew your mind and give you fresh doses of the faith and power you need to live a holy life.

Celebrate God by worshipping him often.

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Engage God by choosing to focus on His presence with you in the midst of your circumstances. Encounter God by communicating with Him, thanking him for who he is and what he does for you. Experience God in your soul by abandoning yourself fully to him and enjoying the transcendent joy and peace that come to you as a result.

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Get to know God better through his Word and prayer. Cultivate your relationship with God through personal devotions. Keep a journal in which you can record the biblical insights God gives you, as well as how he answers your prayers. Serve and give as God le you. Enjoy the freedom that comes from trusting God. Published by Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Mich.

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Making god the center of your life

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God at the center of your life