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In. Spoilers Hide Spoilers. The young couple was cute and a delight to watch, as well as the agency, which had interesting characters to crew it. Each character was unique and entertaining, especially Park JiHoon's character, who had a nice twist in the end as well. The big twist in the begining was pretty good and it kept things interesting until everyone could figure out what had happened.

However, the drama started getting boring after a while.

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The romance, especially the love triangle, was just predictable and it didn't have the intensity to make it great. The couple didn't have chemistry as well. The drama, in addition, stopped showing cases for the flower crew to pick up and they mainly focused on the making of the main character into a lady. Plus, the leading lady's character was annoying from time to time. So, overall, five out of ten. Was this review helpful?

After 30 minutes of watching, I already know who will end up with who. Sadly, I root for the king and I really like him. It is like a bad case of second lead syndrome that I can't sympathize with the lead or like him until the end. The rest went downhill for me and completely lost interest in the story. Really enjoying this drama there is great chemistry between all the characters.

Set in the Josean Period, this is a story of an unlucky woman whose fate changes along the way when she meets a matchmaker. The woman is a hard worker and ends up having to choose between her growing up boyfriend who became like her family or her new boss who she has feelings for as well. But, then the story changes to the acts of forgiveness between lovers and friends ultimately giving everyone peace and happiness in their life. The music was superb. It reminded me of theater music from an orchestra and there are many songs throughout the show. Each one, revealing the feelings going on the show.

It's overall, very happy with family dynamics and politics of course. Warning: Spoilers. The King who was the second male lead and the female lead kissed on a bridge. I know there will be lots of hate on this, but this pure opinion from my perspective. This is also also a big essay to my opinion of this drama. I was so excited to watch this drama when I heard it was coming out, but it just killed me. He even gave his mother's possession to her because he so in love with her.

He shows all his dedication to her, gave his all to her, but then he was kidnap to become the king. This was getting interesting for me. I wanted to see how the girl would become an equal with her only "family", Lee Soo. This drama just dragged on and on, and there was no back story to why the poor boy became the King. There was for a little bit, but then there was no explanation or deeper meaning why he was taken away from the Royal family.

There was no development for the "co-stars", or how they became what they are. The Queen Dowager, was also so like, weird. She was trying to get Lee Soo out of the King's seat, but ended up going against her Uncle. There was no back story for her, only to know that she was going against Gae-Ddong because she was with a guy she liked. Literally, no development for her, it seems like the director only tried to make her the "bad girl" so the main lead girl could have more drama in her story.

As for the main girl lead, she was nothing but the generic girl who had a different personality from the rest of the girls the boys have ever met. She was a basic girl who was poor and tried to get with the rich people. I was expecting her to go from a different personality to try and become a noble to be equal with the King. But she falls in love with the coldest personal person and "changes" him through out the story. Also, how did the Ministers not find her when she was literally in the Flower Agency and they all knew that, but they all searched for her in different areas.

For me, there was Second Male Lead Syndrome. If she tried to become the queen, from the poor girl, the plot would become more interesting. She would have to struggle even more to try and get with the King. The plot would be more interesting that way. But she just falls in love with another guy. This is your generic "bad boy" love. It was slow and it did not speed up until the last few episodes. It seems like they were dragging it on so that we would get hyped for the last few episodes, just to only be sad and disappointed.

This is the second drama that made me skip episodes just because I knew what was going to happen with Gae-Ddong and Ma Hoon. The drama only had like, a few of the marriages that they had to do. They were matchmakers, how could there only be a few matching love stories they would do? They used the time that they were supposed to be matchmaking to make Ma Hoon and Gae-Ddong fall in love more.

Don't waste your time watching this if you think the girl would get with the King, Lee Soo. If you are into a love story, go ahead. In the end the King, respected her wishes in the end like a kind gentlemen would. I can see, why some have problems with this drama. So if you get on the wrong boat and you ship the king and the girl, than you wont be satisfied. The later episodes were more serious and we get to know the side characters a bit better. Still they remain a little bit grey and i would have wished to get more information about them or even more backstory for the whole plot of the drama.

Some questions are not fully answered. Also I would have wished for some more clients to come in. But I can see, why some viewers might get second-lead-syndrome with this drama. I also felt sorry for the lonely king who had hardly anyone to rely on.

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On the other hand, the girl never saw him as a lover, only as a family-member, brother or friend. Someone she could rely on and she cared for, but she was never in a romantic relationship with him. She agrees to marry him while he is still a blacksmithbecause he told her they will always support each other.

She was a hardworking girl from a low-class, who wanted to find her brother and live free.

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Therefor she is trying to become a noble lady. The Flower-Crew helps her through this process. But they are thinking she wants to become noble, so she could reunite with her former groom.

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That's why the male lead is a bit cold towards her, even though he has growing feelings. All in all it's a mostly light watch. I felt entertained and it was not dragging too much. It is a good historic Kdrama for beginners. The whole story was really boring and bad writing overall.

For early episode were so good. But from ten to latest episode really bad.

Marriage agency reviews

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