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TRICARE beneficiaries can receive the vaccine at a DoD vaccination sitea local or state health department vaccination siteor at a retail pharmacy. You can receive the vaccine at no cost at any retail pharmacy, regardless of whether they are in network, but that is only the case for COVID vaccines.

Widespread vaccination is the best way to bring an end to the pandemic. Military families on overseas PCS orders can include the cost of testing on their travel claim if testing is required in order to enter the country. We are committed to ensuring military families have the information they need to navigate life during the COVID pandemic. While experts learn more about the virus and its impact on health and human safety, our team continues to ask questions that military families need answers to.

As we learn new information from experts, the DoD, and administration officials, we will provide regular updates on this. The DoD could reimburse troops for pet travel expenses related to PCS if they are incurred as a result of the pandemic stop-movement order. The Nurse Advice Line is currently experiencing delays and wait times with increased demand. During this time, video and web chat are limited. Please plan on calling the Nurse Advice Line directly. You will speak with a registered nurse, who will assess your symptoms.

The nurse can screen you for potential or suspected exposure or infection. If needed, they can coordinate a virtual visit with a health care provider. Your healthcare provider will make that decision based on your exposure risk, symptoms, and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control. There is a screening process to determine who should get tested.

Called MySymptoms. As always, when you are concerned about your health, please consult your primary care manager or appropriate medical professional. For service members with laboratory-confirmed COVID, military public health takes the lead on investigating potential military contacts and local or state public health takes the lead on investigating potential non-military contacts. The lead investigator will contact all affected individuals, interview them, and provide education and guidance on how to keep themselves and their families as safe as possible.

On May 26, DoD issued new guidance on deployment and redeployment of service members, including members of the National Guard. The guidance addresses screening and testing for COVID and policies for restricted movement before and after deployment.

The Department of Defense is following CDC guidance for the screening, testing, and quarantine of individuals based on their travel history and potential exposure history. The service members will be screened, tested, and quarantined in accordance with CDC guidance. The Department of Defense is using the CDC guidance to educate all DoD personnel on the measures each individual and community can implement to reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID to protect the health and safety of military service members, civilian employees, contractors, and their families—in the workplace, the community, and at home.

As of June 8, DoD will lift quarantine restrictions in certain locations. The full list of locations is here. Anyone on DoD property is required to wear cloth face coverings when they cannot maintain six feet from others in public areas or work centers this does not include personal residences. The Services will issue their own guidance on wear for service members.

Medical personal protective equipment such as surgical masks are reserved for appropriate personnel, so individuals are expected to create their own face masks using household items like clean T-shirts or other clean cloths that can cover the nose and mouth. You may be asked to lower your face cover at security checkpoints to verify identification. Service and component commanders, in consultation with public health officials and in accordance with CDC guidance, are implementing additional measures to reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID These include adding force health protection measures such as the use of personal protective equipment, gate guards wearing gloves and not touching ID cards, but rather scanning them.

Education Week regularly updates a comprehensive map and list of school closures. Students on U. Grading information can be found here. Some military families mid-PCS during the coronavirus pandemic may have withdrawn children from a school district at the losing duty station without yet having enrolled them in school in the gaining duty station.

We encourage school districts to be flexible and allow students to enroll in school using a local address or to enroll in virtual school. Contact your preferred school district — losing or gaining — directly about enrollment and non-traditional learning options. Many public school districts are providing two to-go meals per day and some are expanding the free and reduced lunch program to include free meals for all students.

You may also be able to pick up meals from the school you live closest to, instead of picking up meals from the school you attend. For overseas families, Exchanges have implemented grab-and-go meals for school-aged children stationed overseas. Please reach out to your local exchange for exact times and pick up locations. In order to maintain test standardization and security, the College Board is administering at-home AP exams at pre-established times. The bad news is that for many families, especially those stationed overseas, the times will be inconvenient — possibly even in the middle of the night.

Students outside the U. When students reach U. Check your local education center for more information. Additional information will be provided to students by in the coming weeks. At times convenient for OCONUS students, there will be live online AP exam prep sessions that will provide an overview of the tasks and the scoring process. The chief readers of the AP Program will be available for special sessions for students with nighttime test schedules, broadcast at times convenient for those time zones during the weeks of April 27 and May 4.

Details for these special review sessions will be provided to students by. For information on optional free online AP classes and more, visit the College Board site here. We would like to hear your stories. For example: 1 What challenges do you face balancing work and home responsibilities?

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Please send your comments via to listeningtoeducators cstsonline. Feel free to forward this message to other educators who might also be interested in sharing their stories. CDC priority changes and closures are at the discretion of the installation commander. Many locations are limiting care to mission-essential personnel and those families with deployed soldiers or soldiers at combat training centers. The updated guidance includes additional options for screening children upon arrival to ensure children who have a fever or other s of illness are not admitted to care facility.

If you have pulled your children from child care due to center closure or coronavirus concerns, Child Care Aware of America CCAoA requests that you state the reason why the child was not in care when submitting documents for the fee assistance program. Should you have additional questions, contact CCAoA at or at militaryinfo childcareaware. In your include your branch, family ID, and which program you are applying for.

You can continue to check your status online at www. Service members should communicate with their commands about child care needs and whether telework is a viable option. Many essential personnel have priority at CDCs now, so contact your CDC to find out about care options whether you fall into a higher priority.

This decision will be made at the installation level. Please work directly with your installation for answers about closures and refunds. Read the guidance.

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Service members who require assistance should contact their chain of command and seek assistance from the installation Legal Assistance office. On August 14, President Trump ed S. The legislation is retroactive to the time the stop movement order was issued in March DoD has issued domestic travel restrictions for service members and their families.

For families, these restrictions only apply to government-funded travel. Please refer to their travel restriction FAQ for most of your questions. Families seeking exceptions to this policy or who have follow-up questions should go to their command for answers and approvals. The secretary of defense ed a memorandum in March that outlines current conditions for personnel.

Therefore the department will continue to implement a conditions-based approach to personnel movement and travel, both domestically and overseas. Per existing policy, coverage will not change even when a member is unable to drill. RC members should expect that any missed premium payments will be subsequently deducted in a lump sum once IDT, Annual Training, or Active Duty for Training s and they are once again in a pay status. DoD has created an infographic to help explain these changes and your responsibilities. TRS monthly premiums cannot be waived.

Unpaid premiums accumulate each month and cannot be waived. If not fully paid within 90 days after the end date of COVID, coverage will be terminated retroactive to the last premium paid-through date. A new DoD order will double the amount of leave active-duty service members are allowed to accrue, raising the maximum of leave days from 60 to The expanded accrual maximum is retroactive to March 11 and will remain in place until September 30, Unused leave can be retained until the end of fiscal year Learn more about the order here.

A newly-authorized pay, Hardship Duty Pay — Restriction of Movement HDP-ROMis taxable pay that compensates service members who are ordered by their commander, in conjunction with health care providers, to self-monitor in isolation somewhere other than their home or a government-funded lodging facility. Check out this infographic for more information on hardship duty pay. For more information, check out this Infographic on the impact of travel restrictions on BAH entitlements. Military families in the midst of a PCS whose travel has been halted after checking out of their detaching command will likely be eligible for per diem to cover lodging, meals, and incidental expenses while awaiting transportation.

Families are encouraged to maintain communication with both detaching and gaining commands. However, BAS II may only be authorized in these circumstances if it is uniformly authorized for all enlisted members in similar situations or in the same geographic area. Many higher education institutions have moved all classes and programs online for the remainder of the current term.

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To ensure military-connected students who are using their GI Bill benefits maintain their current benefit amounts, Congress passed legislation so that benefit payments continue even if the program has changed from resident to online training. Students do not need to do anything, the Department of Veterans Affairs will continue payments automatically.

The President announced that interest on federal student loans would be waived, including direct loans, Federal Perkins Loans, and Federal Family Education Loan Program loans. The Department of Education is also providing the ability for all borrowers with a federally held loan to suspend payments until after January 31, We encourage you to work with your student loan servicer if you need assistance repaying loans due to the pandemic. FAQs about this announcement can be found here.

Need some friends 19 fort bragg 19

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COVID Vaccines Are Voluntary In The Military. Fort Bragg Leaders Are Hoping More Soldiers Get Them.