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Photo for illustrative purposes only. Yousef, a year-old Qatari citizen, fell in love with an Eastern European woman four years ago. The pair decided to marry, but the Qatari government refused to endorse the partnership, and the couple eventually felt they had no option but to divorce. In this opinion piece, Yousef explains to Victoria Scott the difficulties Qataris face when marrying a non-national, and why he believes the system should change. I met my wife when I was on vacation in Europe.

We met through mutual friends, and felt a connection immediately. We fell in love. I believed strongly in our culture and our values. So, when I met my wife, I asked myself what I was doing. She was a foreigner, not of my faith and from a different culture. Deciding to marry her was a difficult decision for me at the beginning for all of these reasons, but I eventually decided that I wanted to live my life with her; love would conquer all.

We married in a civil ceremony abroad, before traveling back to Qatar.

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It was all entirely new to her. It was her first visit to the country. However, my family loved my new wife and she began to settle in. She adjusted, slowly but surely. She got used to our culture. We were happy. I had thought that she would automatically be granted citizenship. This meant she would be able to live in Qatar legally for the rest of her life, and that any children we might have would automatically be Qatari too.

In the beginning, this was very important to me. I wanted to have children, but I wanted them to have the rights I had.

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I discovered that there was a special committee at the Ministry of Interior that hears such cases, and that I was going to have to go through the process. Without their permission, my wife would be denied even a residence permit. They told me that I should not say that I had married her because I loved her; this was not an acceptable reason, apparently. They have the right to be concerned about that, but not, in my opinion, enough to regulate our marriages. I accepted her for who she was — a Christian.

She had to go to this ceremony and officially convert. Then she also had a new passport photo taken in a hijab. She had to do all of this for me. The committee is made up of seven men. They talk to you like you owe them something, in a very harsh way, because you need their approval. I then tried to use wasta. I took my elderly grandfather with me to the Ministry of Interior to see what they could do, hoping that having him with me would make them more helpful, more understanding. It seemed to work. They said they would approve our marriage.

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I started to celebrate it with my wife — but it was a trick. I had to go back to the MOI so many times to ask if he had approved it, as I had learned files such as mine are kept in an archive for many years with no action. I went every week. In the meantime, the only option I had was to keep applying for a tourist visa for my wife every month.

This went on for two years. We knew her visa could get rejected at any time. Then I heard that the Minister was opening his majlis to citizens, so I went there and told him about my issue in person. The next day, however, I was told that my request had been rejected and that I just should forget about it and not follow it up anymore. It was a horrendous dilemma. It was where my family is, where my job is. I explained the whole situation to her. Hamad International Airport. I carried on supporting her financially for a while because she had to leave suddenly, but in the end I said it had to stop, and we had to sever all ties.

It was hurting me too much. That was supposed to be my. Our marriage changed me. It hurt to see my country talking about human rights on the global stage, but then denying citizens the right to marry whoever they choose. I want to know why my request was refused. Do we not know the right people? I know plenty of Qatari men married to foreign women who got their approval in less than a month, just because they know someone in the government. And why is it ok to marry a second wife or a third wife, but refuse a man permission to marry just one?

For illustrative purposes only. My mindset is too different. I have tremendous respect for Qatari women. They are our sisters and daughters, but this is not about race or religion or nationality.

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I think I will have to leave Qatar and live abroad if I want to get married to a foreigner. I hate that it has to be like that. If you woud like to get in touch with us to write a story, pitch an idea or provide a lead, on:. Do you want to reach millions of people through a trusted and well respected platform? Doha News has a variety of marketing opportunities for businesses and organisations across our platforms.

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Qatar began its vaccine drive a year ago and at least 5, of the population received both doses. Abdullatif Al Trials show the oral drug is effective in preventing deaths and hospitalisations in high-risk patients. Home News Opinion. By Victoria Scott. November 8, A different culture We married in a civil ceremony abroad, before traveling back to Qatar. I soon realized that things might not turn out as I had hoped, however. Asking permission I discovered that there was a special committee at the Ministry of Interior that hears such cases, and that I was going to have to go through the process.

So, I had to lie. And two days after that meeting, they turned my request down. Photo for illustrative purposes only There was a second step. The Minister of Interior himself needed to approve it. And then it got worse. The government stopped granting my wife her tourist visa.

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Parting It was a horrendous dilemma.

Qatari women for marriage

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