Tips for men in a relationship

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What they fail to mention, though, that one of the top reasons why women are often described as unpredictable is because of their, sometimes, oblivious boyfriends. Remember during the courting phase when you were always sweet and affectionate? Rather, make it a point to be conscientiously sweet. Treat her to a surprise date, hold her hand while you two walk down the street, and kiss her on the forehead before saying goodbye. These may not be grand and lavish, but she takes these to heart every time. Patience is a virtue, both for men and women. But admit it, it is a test of patience whenever you and your girl go shopping.

These days, when she takes a couple of shots, pictures of your food, post them to Instagram, and many other small activities that eat up your supposed quality time together. Well, in this regard, all you have to do is to learn to be patient.

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Girls see things differently, and you have to accept that. Women love it when you remember the simplest details about them. It also shows that you care about their well-being and experiences. If you want your girlfriend to feel extra loved, you can do it by taking her to her favorite childhood restaurant or getting her the color notep she likes writing on so much. The more specific you are, the giddier and happier she will feel. As a man, you have to know that your girlfriend is not there to complete you but compliment you. It would help if you made her feel this way and let her do her own thing.

As a boyfriend, you are her one fan.

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So if she wants to compete in a beauty ant or a ten-kilometer run, you should always be there to support her every step of the way. This is a follow-up to the relationship advice. You must understand that she can make decisions for herself. As a boyfriend, your role is to help her evaluate and reconsider those decisions before she puts them into action.

All men want to spoil their girlfriends with their love, and you are no exception. Consistency is one of the keys to a happy and loving relationship. Never be shy or embarrassed to show off your loved one in front of your friends or take her out on an occasional surprise dinner date. Even spontaneous kisses in the rain are very much welcome and appreciated. Many people often forget this important role in each relationship. Your girlfriend is not just there as a lover but also as your best friend and one confidant. Let her into your most intricate moments and talk to her as you would to a long-time friend.

Take the time to talk to her about problems and proposed solutionsand your aspirations for your relationship. Communication is two-way. You talk, and she listens, and vice versa. Give her the floor to speak so you can listen because when she speaks, she speaks from the heart. This makes them feel important and shows them that you consider and appreciate their thoughts in your life. This also helps you get to know each other a little bit better. You might be surprised at how little talks with your girlfriend will cement a solid foundation later on. As an addition to your girlfriend is your best friend, you should also treat her as part of your inner clique.

Introduce her to your social circle and give them time to get to know each other better. This will officially seal your relationship and help your girlfriend get to know you through your friends. Oftentimes, men fail to do this and treat friends and girlfriends as two different things.

She always loves romance. Take her out to a movie or to someplace she likes. Have a date under the stars. These things matter, and these are the things she takes to heart. Make sure to make her laugh every day, to remind her that her happiness is your top priority. Bonding through laughter is also a solid way to build your friendship and foundation.

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This will make you two even closer together than before. Tell her how you think, how you feel, and what you want to say in a particular situation, especially when you know she needs to hear it. To treat her like a queen.

Stand by her side, hold her hand, and take your steps in your life together. Spontaneity never hurts a relationship. This is especially important in long-term relationships.

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Couples who have been together for years may have slipped into a monotonous and repetitive routine with their love lives. Being spontaneous gives your relationship a new vibe of feeling. Girls hate it when they are not prepared. Talk to her about your plans, not just for your relationship but your aspirations as an individual. Tell her about your decisions and listen to her side as well.

You may not come up with a decision you both agree on, but informing her about these makes her feel important and respected. Sure, your girl will support you all the way, but what if you become preoccupied with other commitments and your commitment to her begins to fade? Taking her for granted can lead to serious relationship problems in the future. This is understandable because you are still both different people despite having a single and romantic bond.

You might find yourselves disagreeing from time to time. Sleeping mad leaves unresolved tensions and makes for bad and unhappy mornings. Regardless of the problem, let her lose some steam. Maybe nagging is her way of letting go of her emotions and wait until she calms down and comes up with more rational statements. She wants to be heard, so hear her out. Lastly, it is important that as the guy in the relationship, you have aspirations for your partner and your relationship. Be the one to spearhead plans and the direction to fulfill them, may these be travel wanderlusts or long-term companionship.

She loves it when you lead the way, and the more she will indulge in holding your hand and walking by your side. Men may sometimes have trouble expressing their love for their only girl, but that never stopped them from laying their lives for the ones they love. Women only want three things: loyalty, love, and respect. Contents show. Always stay sweet —just like you did during the courting phase. Be patient. Especially when your girl goes shopping. Ask her about the little things. Let her do her own thing. Respect her and her decisions. Spoil her with love.

Talk to her intimately. Let her be part of your friends. Indulge in sweet nothings. Make her laugh. Be honest. Treat her like a queen. Surprise her now and then.

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Tips for men in a relationship

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Relationship advice for men: 10 tips that will make your lady love proud of you!