What color does a saliva drug test turn

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Toll Free Us. Oral fluid testing, aka saliva drug testing, is a newer innovative technology used to screen for the presence of illicit substances.

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At the time of sample collection, the presence of drugs in oral fluids is directly related to the of drugs within the bloodstream. Due to this possibility, oral fluid testing provides the opportunity to screen for the parent drug itself.

This simplifies the process of sample collection. These drug tests use either saturation strips, swab stems, or built-in indicator windows to indicate when the collection is complete.

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There will be a change in color when a sufficient amount of data has been collected. Groundwork knowledge that there is an adequate sample amount will reduce the of drug tests that labs deem to have insufficient quantity.

The collection process generally takes five minutes with rapid same-day screening. If you are in need of reliable workplace or forensic drug tests, we can provide exactly what you need for your screening purposes. Here at American Screening, we are the one supplier of highly accurate saliva drug test kits.

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Our assorted tests are easy to use, quick to provide necessaryand precise for simultaneous drug detection. We offer a variety of saliva test kit options and configurations, including the most commonly abused drugs.

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Use the pull down below to select the Trade Name of the drug to reveal the Generic Name below. Online Support.

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