What is karezza

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Recent research from Utrecht University in the Netherlands found that the average time between penetration and orgasm among couples around the world was 5. Yes, the couples used stopwatches. The method has ancient roots, and an influential manual on it titled The Karezza Method was first published insays Rachel Wright, L.

T, a marriage and family therapist in Denver. Karezza n.

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Lengthy love-making sessions involving touching, stroking, fondling, and gazing. The result? Ideally, improved intimacy, closeness, and communication between partners. The practice can engage many more senses than everyday sex, Garrison says.

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Tempted to trade in your afternoon quickie for a Sunday morning kind of love? Karezza is not meant for a one-night stand. Even if you are in a relationship, keep in mind that karezza can only help if both partners are on board. What will you do if you think you might orgasm?

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These questions are all good to talk through with your partner since, without orgasm as the default endpoint or even penetration as a necessary component, it's important to reframe your expectations. Cradle her head. Embrace his penis resting between your thighs. Keep your eyes open while kissing. Basically, do whatever feels good to you both, now that the constraints of orgasm-driven sex are removed. Like any new habit, the more you practice it, the more natural it will become and the more benefits you can reap. If someone orgasms during karezza, is it still karezza?

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Does it matter? Communication is just as important post-karezza as pre-karezza. If there was a certain stroke that felt surprisingly good, tell your partner.

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If you want to try it again with a different goal, time frame, or set of parameters, speak up. And if you thought it was totally lame? It may get better with comfort; you may like it better later in life, with a different partner, or for a different reason; or you may just inherently not like it at all.

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