Why do you have to have sex

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In a supportive relationship, there are many benefits to having more sex. Higher rates of sexual activity are linked to positive changes, such as lower blood pressure, reduced stress, greater intimacyand even a lower divorce rate. A study found that general well-being is associated with sexual frequency, but only to an extent. One sexual encounter per week is fairly consistent with the current average.

However, our increasingly busy lives may be getting in the way of having more sex. Compared to the frequency of sex in the s, adults in were having sex nine times less per year. Although frequency often decreases with age, sexual activity in older adults remains important.

In general, older married couples tend to have sex more often than unmarried peers within the same age group. There are many emotional and psychological benefits of making love. Sex is strongly linked to a better quality of life. Some of these benefits include:. It's fairly intuitive to understand how sex improves emotional health, but there are a of physical benefits from sex as well. Some of these include:. It was once believed that sex increases the risk of prostate cancer. However, a study discovered that men who had more ejaculations 21 or more per month were less likely to develop the disease than men who had fewer ejaculations seven or less per month.

For some, sex may increase the chances of a heart attack. Despite this risk, higher sex frequency may help. A study found that regular sexual activity diminishes heart attacks. Sex, along with other forms of physical activity, is protective. But, infrequent bursts of activity put added strain on the heart. Unsafe sex could tip the scale of benefits and risks in the opposite direction.

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Make sure you are familiar with safe sex practices. Beyond individual benefits for you and your partner, regular sex supports a healthy relationship in a of ways. For instance, the oxytocin released during sex enhances a sense of bonding and improves emotional intimacy.

Sex in a monogamous relationship increases your level of commitment and emotional connection with the other person. Expressing love through sex increases the likelihood of couples staying together. As a result, sex is positively associated with a lower divorce rate. Humans are wired to crave the intimacy of sex. Lacking sex can lead individuals in a relationship to grow distant and, perhaps, look elsewhere.

Working with a d couples therapist can help address this gap and prevent issues from permeating throughout your marriage. Sometimes, maintaining an active sex life is difficult or impossible due to physical or psychological conditions. Couples can maintain a strong, healthy relationship despite these barriers by looking at non-sexual ways to improve intimacy. Frequency of sex can, and often does, change over time. But, that doesn't mean sex frequency has to be a progressive downhill slide. If you're wondering whether it's possible for sex to be as good as when you first fell in love, the answer is yes.

Sex and intimacy can improve as your relationship matures. It just may require a little extra work. There are a of ways to spice up your sex life. Looking at the non-sexual parts of your relationship can help. It's often stated that the biggest sex organ is between the ears. Upping sex frequency without connecting emotionally or increasing communication isn't likely to produce lasting improvements in your relationship. Managing stress is another key factor for a healthy sex life. I could often see the relief on people's faces when they learned that their lack of out-of-the-blue sexual urges didn't necessarily ify a problem.

It didn't mean there was something wrong with them or that something was missing from their marriages. It just meant that they experienced desire differently. If you always wait for your level of desire to match that of your partner, you may be waiting a long time. Instead, communicate your needs and work together to find a happy medium. Having sex more often or at least a minimum of once a week provides multiple benefits for a loving and supportive relationship.

That being said, growing intimacy is still possible if you are unable to have sex. If you are not having sex regularly, ask yourself why. Sometimes seeing a sex therapist may be the best way to work through your relationship and personal issues. Therapy benefits individuals and couples alike. Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. Is sex good for your health? A national study on partnered sexuality and cardiovascular risk among older men and women. J Health Soc Behav. Muise, A. Sexual frequency predicts greater well-being, but more is not always better.

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Why do you have to have sex

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Should you ever have sex when you don't feel like it?